An interview with company CEO Pavel Kuchalik, discussing POLYMER NANO CENTRUM’s plans for the future and how to invest.


POLYMER NANO CENTRUM is a Czech-based company that provides nanotechnology solutions to industry. Its goal is to improve industrial feedstocks through the application of nanomaterials.

Due to steady growth, the company is now offering the sale of company bonds. This text outlines an interview with POLYMER NANO CENTRUM’s CEO, Pavel Kuchalik, discussing the company’s plans for the future and the benefits of investing in nanotechnology.

Members of POLYMER NANO CENTRUM’s nanotechnology research team.

Interviewer: Could you first summarize, Mr. Kuchalik, what you used the money from the previous bond issues for?

Kuchalik:  The money we obtained helped us to finance the purchase of a production area in Rakovník.

As such, it is important to note that, we used all the funds that we obtained from the bonds for the purchase of concrete tangible things. As such we can guarantee that investors in our bonds are not at risk of losing money, as the funds were used for the purchase of the building, for the purchase of the research space, for the purchase of machinery, for the patents that are so very important. All of which hold value and offer some form of guarantee for investors.

POLYMER NANO CENTRUM is now offering investors the opportunity to participate in the development of nanotechnology through corporate bonds which are being issued for a third time. This is being done to finance the expansion of production, including the construction of a completely new production line with a higher capacity and also the expansion of the development centre.

For this reason, we now offer bonds directly on the website at polymernanocentrum.cz/investice.

This is the second part of a two-part transcript of a conversation recorded for the POLYMER NANO CENTRUM Podcast. The original conversation was conducted in Czech and this is an abridged translation of that discussion. You can listen to the original on this link.

Part one, where Mr Kuchalik discusses POLYMER NANO CENTRUM’s goals and operations is available at What is POLYMER NANO CENTRUM?

Interviewer: What else would you say that at the moment is the main source of income for POLYMER NANO CENTRUM? What do you actually earn regularly as a company?

Kuchalik: Even though the field of nanotechnology is developing very rapidly, it is not yet profitable enough to cover all our needs.

Therefore, the classic and original activity of trading industrial chemicals is still running at the same time in parallel with the area of ​​nanotechnology. This business generates significant funds to a value of hundreds of millions of Czech Crowns. It is a business that supports POLYMER NANO CENTRUM. It is a really stable, classic business that has been tested for years and that generates the necessary funds and acts as a further guarantee to investors to underline the safety of their bond investment.

POLYMER NANO CENTRUM’s nanotechnology research centre in the Czech Republic.

It is also worth stating for the record that this is our third company bond emission and we have always paid out the agreed return to investors every month as agreed.

Furthermore, we have also always returned the invested funds on time. And, again just for the record, we have never paid a bond off by gaining another investor (as in a Ponzi Scheme). This is simply not right.

Interviewer: Should investors worry about the safety of nanomaterials?

Kuchalik: This is an area that we constantly monitor, we constantly think about, and our scientific team considers it an important part of its work.

All industrial raw materials need to have minimum impact. This means that they should not be a burden on the world's ecology, nor should they have a negative impact on people's health. Today, we can say that there are no problems with this, but it is an area under constant monitoring. We simply know that this is a necessary step that must consistently accompany our work.

With regards to the environment, our approach to raw material production is based on the elimination of waste and the minimal use of all materials, including chemicals.

In the field of nanotechnology, we use mechanical processes that do not involve the application of harmful chemicals, and we also focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

Interviewer: What is the long-term business plan for POLYMER NANO CENTRUM?

We already have a lot of customer support, with repeat clients and new businesses lining up to gain the benefits of nanotechnology in their manufactured products.

This enables us to have a positive vision for the future. Currently we have a laboratory in Rakovník, as well as cooperations in Pilsen, and also in Moravia. But we calculate that our production capacity will soon be reached, requiring us to expand operations and possibly construct another production line.

Inside one of the laboratories at POLYMER NANO CENTRUM.

Over the next 10 years we envisage a growth in our business in our current industrial areas, such as plastics. But there is also the possibility to expand into the cosmetics sector, where the application of nanoparticles is already quite common. It is an area where we believe that there will be future interest in our products and nanotechnology.

For these reasons, we are confident that POLYMER NANO CENTRUM will have a bright future and that it will continue to play a key role in the advancement of nanotechnology in central Europe.

This interview transcript was taken from the POLYMER NANO CENTRUM Podcast. The original conversation was conducted in Czech and this is an abridged translation of that discussion. You can listen to the original on this link.

Photo credit: Freepik& POLYMER NANO CENTRUM